Cosmic Workshop - College of DuPage - February 2017



Participating teachers will be able to:

  • Organize data using the cosmic ray muon e-Lab.
  • Specify limitations and assumptions of a propsed experiment.
  • Manipulate apparatus using appropriate data acquisition equipment for calibration, characterization, and analysis of measurements.
  • Generalize from data possible sources and scale of experimental error.
  • Summarize and communicate claims, evidence and results to demonstrate the nature of scientific research.
  • Implement plans to use the cosmic ray e-Lab with the classroom community.


Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.

Location is BIC Room 3740, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

Saturday February 4, 2017

09:00    Intros, learning objectives, norms

09:30    QuarkNet introduction, needs assessment, intro cosmic ray studies

10:45    Set up CRMDs

  • Form research group
  • Setup existing detectors
  • Plateau detectors

12:00    LUNCH

13:00    CRMD study

  • Decide on type of study: stack, LA, speed, separation
  • One team set up GPS and distribute
  • Measure geometry
  • Create e-Lab accounts
  • Taking data with EQUIP

15:00   Set up detector for taking data; e.g., configured for muon speed measurment

15:30    Reflection & discussion of day

16:00    End of day; Take CR data until next week



Saturday, February 11, 2017

09:00    Review previous week's activities

09:30      Parallel research groups:
                 A) Muon speed
                 B) Separation scaling experiment
                 C) Large array
                 D) Lifetime

  • Cosmic Ray e-Lab Overview
  • Verify accounts, Manage account
  • Tour of e-Lab (Student & Teacher)
  • "Metro Map" structure/resources
  • Check out some existing posters
  • Load geometry

12:00    LUNCH

13:00    Team CR Investigation; Posters

  • Analysis
  • Poster and oral presentations
  • Implementation plans in classroom
  • Survey:
  • Future group plans: CRMD data-taking, joint research, sharing CRMDs?

15:30    Reflection & discussion of day

16:00    End of day