QuarkNet: Changing the Culture

Lesson #1 in QuarkNet STEP UP Series on diversity and inclusion.

STEP UP seeks to increase the number of women earning degrees in physics by dramatically increasing the number of women majoring in physics in college. Did you know that teachers are the reason that most undergraduate women in physics chose that degree? That’s right. You are key to encouraging women to pursue prosperous careers in physics! The STEP UP project provides access to downloadable research-based lessons about physics and a nationwide community of teachers engaged in changing the future of physics. Register to join our community or download these lessons and other pedagogical tools by visiting www.STEPUPphysics.org!
This activity “includes strategies for reducing marginalization in the classroom and recognizing students as physics people.
The research on the effectiveness of these materials has focused primarily on encouraging women to enter college as a declared physics major. Preliminary data indicates that these same techniques are effective in working with diverse groups including underrepresented populations.

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