Cosmic Ray Eclipse Project

High School groups across the US will measure cosmic ray rates during the August 21, 2017 solar eclispe. 

Links :

Uploading Instructions for Eclipse Experiment

Here are the instructions for uploading data to the eLab AND to the Data Diary. The Data Diary is located at:  

EQUIP settings for Eclipse Experiment

These are the EQUIP settings for the Eclipse Experiment.  PLEASE NOTE:  all 4 counters should be checked as triggers.

Entering Geometry for Eclipse Experiment

Instructions for entering geometry for the eclipse experiment.

Creating a Group Account in the eLab

These are the instructions to create the group account, Eclipse#### for your experiment.  The #### is your DAQ number.

Updated Fixed Telescope 18.june.2017

This is the updated instructions for the fixed cosmic ray telescope, including opaque bag over the counters to reduce light leaks.  

Updated Tracking Telescope 18.june.2017

Here is the updated version of the telescope.  We have included minor changes and the use of opaque bags around the counters to reduce problems of light leaks.  

Telescope prototypes tested at UIC summer workshop

The theme of the UIC QuarkNet summer workshop was preparation for the solar eclipse.  Eighteen students and 5 teachers assembled and tested three varieties of cosmic ray telescopes: fixed-angle;…

Cosmic Ray Telescope FIXED plan 20-May-2017